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Friday, November 24, 2006

new! new! new! PHONE!

wow! the recent market have develope and introduce to us the latest and trendy phone!!! nokia. SE, motorolla, samsung, LG and much more all are upcoming newer and may i say GORGEOUS phone!

and to my oppinion, yhis period of phone release is the most best among the rest! we have the nokia N93, N83, SE K800i, and much more! not to mention PDA's such as DOPOD, ASUS and many others al releasing much,much,much and much better product.

the most satisfying part are the function of all the new product, where all of them are equiped with the most recent technology! bluetooth is a must! camera (at least 2mp!!) and wifi! the design are also a catch of the century. i realise that the phone nowadays are been develope slimmer and slimmer, maybe its the trend nowadays that people like to hold paper size phone, but i stiil prefer phone such as the N93, and SE k8ooi. big is powerfull!!

but the sad thing is, all with the new product( new but cheap!!) i still remain faithfull to my z800 phone which is now damage seriously(front screen dead and unfunctional camera) because i have no money to buy myself a new phone... its ok though because you guys dont need to pity me to get yourself a new phone!(if u can afford)... go catch yourself one bigfish! brag about it! its ok! because its yours!!

peace out!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

the new phone!

new sony cybershot! nokia N93, N72, N73! damn! aint all of it a beauty!..
just now i was just strolling around my campus, an expo on electronics gadget were been held in the admin building..as i was walking and surveying, all the things there were same o lamo..then at the handphone area, there it was, the lartest and most recent phone in the market! in front of my on eyes i get to witness the new Nokia N93! the most marvel phone i had laid eyes on!,,
though im incapable of buying it, to get to hold and glance the menu was a thrill.
imagine, 3.2megapixel carl zeis optical camera! is that something or what! the the menu and function was bombastic!
the rival phone i guess can compare to this is the Sonyericcson k800i, cybershot.
damn baby! a sony cybershot convert to a phone! the image was as sharp as hell! no doubt about the quality of the image..video capture was amazing as well, with sharp resolution and pixels, this is the rival to Nokia N93...well, i guess this is it for me for now, do add any new coment or oppinion on anything, you are all welcome to do so..CHOW!..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

whats new

you guess that you knew what the lattest model and technology of the handphone world? why not share it with all of us in this site so we can exchange the knowledge. do write me an email or post your comment to this site thanks!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

spice it up

do leave a comments about this site and do generously give idea on how to spice it up!!! all comment will be answered and review thank you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

w800i review

Music focused Walkman mobile phone
Design, memory, MP3 player, camera, RDS FM radio, headphone jack
Quirky file transfer process, confusing file structure, Sync software is PC only
The first phone to carry Sony’s Walkman brand, and does so proudly. The larger memory means more songs but still with features galore, just as before

Sony Ericsson
PRICE:(when reviewed)
£Price dependant on contract(Search for product in UK or US )
25 August 2005 - In a recent review we pointed out Sony Ericsson’s expertise in creating one phone core and then placing numerous bodies around it, well just as the K750i and the D750i are effectively the same handset with the minor cosmetic alteration to the shutter covering the lens, the W800i is the D750i but with a paint job and a logo change.The W800i is the first handset made by anyone to carry Sony's prestigious Walkman branding and to accommodate the expectation of all the additional stored music the W800i comes with a 34Mb internal memory and a 512Mb Memory stick PRO duo, this combination allowing you to store somewhere in the region of 150-200 songs, depending on the format. The PRO Duo range of memory sticks currently go up to 2Gb in size.The lion’s share of the phone’s functions replicate those of the K750i and D750i. The calling constituent of the handset is Tri-band GSM (900, 1800 and 1900). The W800i is GPRS web and WAP enabled, and can perform all the standard message formats you’d expect including SMS, EMS, MMS and email. The battery life will give you up to 9 hours of talk time and around 400 hours of standby although with the music options you’ll probably find the majority of the handset’s charge goes on the media player rather than the call functions.The reverse of the body houses the same 2 megapixel camera, with 4x digital zoom, as before, automatically activated by flicking the lens cover switch. Mounted above the lens is a powerful twin LED modelling light, which not only illuminates close-to photo subjects but is also useful for finding keyholes and can even be set to flash SOS in times of peril.Again the W800i’s menus are a virtually the same as those of the K and D750i. The only perceivable alteration is the removal of the generic media player from right hand second row position, on the animated menu, to be replaced with a Walkman-branded version. This Walkman application allows your stored music to be viewed by either artist or track name as well as allowing you to create play-lists on the fly, from the existing music, as the mood takes you. The handset plays MP3 music files, although other formats are semi-compatible, and MPEG4 Video files. Transferring music to the phone is best done via the Disc2Phone CD ripping application that comes on the installation CD-ROM, although Mac users can simply attach the phone to their computer and it will appear as an external drive and then copy music files across.The software in the pack offers the Sony Ericsson PC synchronisation suite allowing you to manage contacts and calendar function with your computer. Naturally you get the Disc2Phone application for transference of music and video to the phone but you also get a starter version of Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0, so you can arrange the images you snapped into collection to share and keep. Also included is hands-free headset that have been cleverly designed to allow users to plug any set of headphones so you aren’t stuck with the headphones in the box. Additionally you can purchase the MMC-60 music cable (£19.99), allowing you to connect the W800i and the 750i models to your domestic sound system

V3, motorolla slicer

Motorola Razr V3

Designed to be an eye catcher, this phone is sleek and sexy.
This phone is definitely perfect for showing off, it has very thin profile, big screen with loud speakerphone. Although the prize is expensive, it does not have problem, the system is stable and the design is solid with high durability. These cellphone also include long range blue tooth and video playing capability.
You can check this phone on Amazon (Cingular) using this Amazon's link. It will includes battery, and mini USB charger.
This is what Amazon's buyers have in mind after buying this hand phone:
Very sexy.
Very thin.
Its so light.
Great design.
Large and clear screen.
Loud and clear speaker phone.
Hi-fi sound.
It feel flimsy but has solid construction.
Durable, still working after drops.
Old software, but fast and stable, no freeze or crash..
The OS is a lot more stable than V600.
Excellent reception.
ATI imageon 3D graphic accelerator.
Good battery life.
Great USB connectivity.
Great long range bluetooth.
Faster charging time.
260K color when video playing only.
No memory expansion.
Useless manual.
No EDGE support when v551 support it.
No fully functional games.
Storage is limited.
No accessories or headset included.
Not for people with big finger.
Poorly located side buttons, but cannot be press accidentally.
Poor other button location.
Feature is too standard for its price.
Blue tooth drains the battery nearly 50% faster, but the phone still have good battery life

Monday, July 03, 2006

nokia n80

you guys already check out the new phone nokia just release, N80? well you better be, i myself have already wittness the amazing, unique, powerfull, and trendy phone. man! was i stun,..who wouldnt?(maybe those who arent that phonemaniac as me).A 3.2 mp camera, wifi, bluetooth 2.0, and a stylish slide panel keypad..damn! isnt that jut gorgeous! i myself looking at my s.e z800 was deffinetely no match for that phone.
the N80 is a phone for those on the business field, since it is equiped like a pda function, not to mention yhe wifi, again..the price is also affordable for the bussinessman and women type at around rm2500(U.S 500).not for me i guess, a student cant afford that kind of gadget..well better stick to my friendly and loveble phone then...yippie. those who havent check this baby out i urge you to do so.its a must ! check out also the new nokia N92, E80, N91 and many more upcoming model in the nokia website.www.nokia.com

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

here's your chance to get up to speed on the latest features in mobile-phone technology

There's been a lot of conversation about 3G (Third Generation) wireless networks in the United States and overseas. All the different names, acronyms and hyperbole for the different generations of America's several incompatible networks can give you a 3G headache.
We won't add to the pain, since you won't be riding a network whose bandwidth exceeds 100Kbps anytime soon. But what's come online lately are interesting new phones that take advantage of the greater bandwidth and Web access that carriers are offering on their way to 3G. Color screens, better audio, downloadable ringtones and animation, and larger phonebooks can all create a richer phone experience for just a few dollars more. It's as much about add-on Net services as the physical phone, because the new handset generation takes advantage of a broader menu of offerings downloadable from the Web. Phone models are usually closely associated with a service provider. For example, the $180 (all prices Street) Samsung N400 works with the new PCS Vision service from Sprint. It comes with a color screen, a speakerphone and support for a $100 add-on PCS Vision Camera from InfoHand. Sprint's PCS Vision has a PCS Business Connection component available for secure access to corporate data and e-mail. This is geared toward larger businesses, but could be an option for midsized companies with a mobile work force.
Battery life is an important consideration but can be hard to track down in the maze of specifications. You don't want your phone croaking out in the middle of an important business call, and, certainly, performance will vary widely. The $150 Sanyo 4900, which comes with a standard battery, offers 4.5 hours of talk time. But the trade-off comes with its 46 ounces of weight. Heft-conscious buyers may want to consider the slimmer 3.8-ounce VX10 from LG Mobile Phones as another option to go with.

by, Tech: Buyer's Guide